I am a native of Seoul, South Korea, where I grew up surrounded by ancient traditions of art, architecture, and culture.  From my earliest years, I was fascinated by ceramic arts and decided to dedicate my professional life to their pursuit.  

Upon completion of my undergraduate degree at Seoul National University of Science and Technology, I sought to learn more and advance to a graduate program.  To this end, I moved to the United States in 1993, immersing myself in the study of contemporary western ceramics, receiving a Master of Arts degree from Iowa State University. 

 After graduation I relocated to Atlanta, becoming active in the regional arts community and gaining recognition in national and international art competitions.  During this time, I have continued experimenting and refining my technical skills and artistic vision while also pursuing an academic career.

Currently, I am a Full time Faculty member in the College of the Arts at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia.  My teaching experiences have taught me  and academic side of higher education while immersed in a vibrant, diverse community of creators. 

 The leadership knowledge gained in my role as an educator has also empowered me to build my own art studio to complement my teaching and academic pursuits.