Just as an orchestra achieves its greatest music with all its instruments in tune and resonating with one another, as directed by the conductor’s skill, so too does a successful learning community depend upon its teacher to bring the students to their highest level of academic achievement. 

My philosophy is first, through strong technique and teaching skills, to bring each student to mastery as individuals, like a conductor coaxing the best from each musician. As this takes place, students must also be brought into relationship with one another, as equals, as co-learners, and most importantly, as unique sources of education for one another so that they are not only learning but teaching as well. 

Through this experience of diverse, inclusive co-education, as directed by the instructor, student achievement is at once personal, and social, making the sum of what is ultimately drawn from the experience greater than could be achieved solely by focusing on each student as individual parts. Education, like music, is best made in groups that have been taught to recognize the value of each individual, working together in harmony to create a community of learning that is entirely new.