Curriculum Vitae


2019  SOFA Chicago 2019  Chicago IL (10/31-11/3/2019)

2019  ArtAxis  Contemporary artwork in Ceramics and Sculpture                  

2019  Mugshot 2  International Juried Exhibition     Mojo Coffee House Gallery, MN

2019 2019 ICAN Juried Exhibition at NCECA   NCECA Conference Minneapolis

2019  Art of Clay 2019 National Juried Show  North Carolina Pottery Center

2019  SIP A Ceramic Cup Show  Savannah Clay Gallery, Savannah, GA

2018  The ICAN Wall Calendar Contest   International Ceramic Artists 

           Network, Westerville, OH

2018  The 7TH Annual Hudgens Juried Exhibition    Hudgens Center for Art       

           and Learning, Duluth, GA

2010  Little Things Means a Lot Swan Coach Gall  Buckhead, GA

2010  The Annual Perspectives     Watkinsville, GA

2009  Invitational Exhibition   Macon Arts Alliance, Macon, GA 

2009  17th Annual Strictly Functional Pottery   Lancaster, PA

2009  The Annual Perspectives  Watkinsville, GA

2009  Hambidge Festival  Hambidge Art Center, Hambidge, GA

2009  Fired Works  Macon Arts Alliance, Macon, GA 

2008  CRAFT FORMS 2008 Wayne Art Center, Wayne, PA

2008  Perspectives 2008 Oconee Cultural Art Exhibition, Watkinsville, GA 

2008  20th Annual Decatur Arts Festival  Decatur, GA

2008  Southworks Juried Art Exhibition   Oconee Cultural Art Exhibition, 

            Watkinsville, GA

2008  Biennial Juried Art Competition 2008    Nathan D. Rosen Museum 

            Gallery, Boca Raton, FL

2008  22nd International Juried Show  Visual Art Center of New Jersey, 

            Summit, NJ

2007  “Native Soil” Invited GA Ceramics Artists   Hudgens Center for Art and 

            Learning, Duluth, GA

2007  20th National Juried Art Exhibit  South Cobb Arts Alliance, Mableton, 


2007  National Juried/Invitational Cup Show  Isadore Gallery, Lancaster, PA

2007  27th Annual Southport July National Show    Franklin Square Gallery, 

            Southport, NC

2007  7th Annual National Juried Cup Show    Kent University, Downtown 

            Gallery, OH

2007  Feats of Clay XX  Lincoln Arts and Culture Foundation, CA

2007  “Put a Lid on It” National Juried Show   Mudfire Gallery, Decatur, GA

2007  2nd Annual National Juried Cup Show    University of Arkansas, AK

2006  Southworks 2006  Oconee Art Museum, Watkinsville, GA

2006  Atlanta Teapot Go-Go Festival    Mudfire Gallery, Decatur, GA

2006  Invitational Teapot Show  Hudgens Center for Art and Learning,  

            Duluth, GA

2005  Artists of Berkley Lake Art Show  Hudgens Center for Art and Learning, 

            Duluth, GA

1996  Summer Sensations  Maucker Union Gallery, Cedar Falls, IA

1996  Iowa College Salon Show XVIII  Brunnier Art Museum, Ames, IA

1996  Art Show 8   James & Meryl Hearst Center, Cedar Falls, IA

1995  M.A. Exhibition    College of Design, Iowa State University, Ames, IA

1995  Iowa Craft 28    Charles H. MacNider Art Museum, Mason City, IA

1995  Graduate Student Exhibition  Iowa State University, College of Design, 

           Ames, IA

1995  Iowa State Art Student Fair    Iowa State Fair, Des Moines, IA

1995  ArtShow7    James & Meryl Hearst Center, Cedar Falls, IA

1994  Topeka Competition 19    Gallery of Fine Arts Topeka, Shawnee, KS

1994  Iowa Craft 27      Charles H. MacNider Museum, Mason City, IA

1994  Transition and Intersection    Memorial Union, Ames, IA

1994  Iowa College Salon Show XVI      Brunnier Art Museum, Ames, IA

1993  Studies in Creativity  Memorial Union, Iowa State University, Ames, IA


2018  The 7TH Annual Hudgens Juried Exhibition  Permanent Collection 


2008  17th Annual Strictly Functional National Pottery    Purchased Award

2008  CRAFT FORMS    Purchased Award

2008  Nathan D. Rosen Museum Biennial Juried Art Competition  Purchased 


2007  27th Annual Southport July National Show    3rd Prize and Purchased 


2005  Artists of Berkeley Lake Art Show    Best in Show

1996  UNI Summer Sensations    3rd Prize

1996  ISU Graduate Student    Award of Excellence 

1996  Iowa College Salon Show XVIII    Best in Show

1995  Iowa Craft 28     Best in Show

1994  Iowa College Salon Show XVII    Best in Show

1993  Studies in Creativity (Ceramics)      1st Prize 

1992  National Juried Contemporary Ceramic Show (South Korea)  Honorable 


1991  National Juried Contemporary Ceramic Show (South Korea)  Honorable 



2019  Ceramics Monthly Magazine "Exposure"   May 2019, Ceramics Monthly

2018  Selected Cover Artist of 2019 Calendar     ICAN (International Ceramics 

           Artist Network)

2018  ChoSun Daily Tribune     Atlanta, GA

2010  Korean Herald in Atlanta    Atlanta, Georgia

2009  The Macon Magazine  City of Macon, Georgia 

1996  Ames Daily Tribune  Ames, Iowa

1996  Ethos   Magazine ISU Magazine

1995  College of Design’s Brochure  Iowa State University

1994  Sketch   College of Design Magazine

1994  Cell    Design Magazine of Story County   

Teaching Experience

2019-                Full-Time Faculty of Fine Arts Department

                        Georgia State University  Perimeter College


2014 –  2019    Full-Time Faculty of Fine Arts 

                          Underwood University  Suwanee, GA 

                          Courses Taught:

                           - Fundamentals of Art and Design   

                           - Basic Drawing

                           - Three-Dimensional Design    

                           - Two-Dimensional Design

                           - Fundamentals of Sculpture   

                           - Sculpture  I & II

                           - Surface Design on Ceramics  

                           - Intermediate Ceramics

                           - Advanced Ceramics I & II  

                           - Wheel Thrown Form

                           - Western Art History and Impressionism   

                           - Ceramics Studio 

                           - Beginners through Advanced Ceramics Studio

                           - Senior Exhibition

2008 – 2012  Art Instructor

                       Fiducia Education   Johns Creek, GA

                       Courses Taught: 

                          - Drawing     

                          - Sculpture 

                          - Painting   

                          - Wheel Throwing

                          - Alternated form and Surface Decoration 

2005 – 2008  Ceramics Instructor and Assistant Studio Manager

                         Hudgens Center for Art & Learning  Duluth, GA 

                         Courses Taught:

                         - Introduction to Ceramics  - Hand building 

                         - Wheel Throwing I & II

2000 – 2010   Art Instructor (Summer Camp)

                          Korean Church of Atlanta, UMC (KCAUMC) and                         

                          Evergreen Presbyterian Church Suwanee, GA  

 1994 – 1996    Teaching/Research Assistant

                          Iowa State University Ames, Iowa 

                          Courses Taught: 

                         - Hand Building I & II    

                         - Sculpture

Professional Experience

2016 to 2019            Director of Academic Affairs 

                                   Underwood University Suwanee, GA 

2015 –2018                Head of Fine Arts Department  

                                   Underwood University  Suwanee, GA         

2015 - 2016               Director of Student Affairs 

                                   Underwood University Suwanee, GA   

1996 to present      Working Studio Artist

                                   Iowa and Georgia      

Professional Services

2014 to 2019          Academic Advisor 

                                 Underwood University  Suwanee, GA 

2016  to 2019         Academic Committee – Chair

                                 Underwood  University   Suwanee, GA 

2018                        Graduation Committee - Chair

                                 Underwood University   Suwanee, GA  

2018                        Senior Exhibition Chair - Coordinator

                                 Underwood University   Suwanee, GA 

2015 – 2016            International Students Festival Committee - Coordinator    

                                Underwood University   Suwanee, GA 

Professional Organizations

Selected Artist of ArtAxis Organization  (

Juror of the ARTAXIS  organization   

International Ceramic Artists Network (ICAN)  

National Conference for the Education in the Ceramic Arts (NCECA)   



1996      Master of Art and Design -Ceramics

              Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa

1991        Bachelor of Fine Arts -Ceramics

              Seoul National University of Technology, Seoul, South Korea